Here we go ...

Those three words were exactly what I said right before opening my shop here. I have spent the past almost 5 years being an exclusive stay at home mom and have loved every minute of it. So, opening a shop was a little overwhelming but exciting all at the same time.

A little background .....

I went to College to learn how to work on computers and spent a couple years working as a help desk tech, so computers are my thing. But, I want to say about 3-4 years ago my step mom had asked if I had ever used an Erin Condren Life Planner, of course my answer was no. I know I know, shame on me. She bought me one and I have gotten a new one every year ever since.

My husband of 10 years is a shift worker and is quite literally always working to help support our household and I couldn't be more blessed. However, it was time for me to find something I could do to help him out while also staying home with my boys. I LOVE planner stickers, I'm that girl who likes to cover every inch of space with a sticker. And that is how Kaotic Kreations got started.

I am always trying to find new things and love to get suggestions on what you would like to see my shop offer, so please don't hesitate to send a message.

I can't wait to help supply your sticker addiction.

Don't forget to follow me on instagram, @KaoticKreationsIG :)