Please note before buying any foil products that these items are handmade and are subject to variations in the foil.  Such as, traces of black spots in certain foil areas and foil being off centered to the printed object.  This is a natural occurrence in the foiling process. 

All orders come with a tracking number.  If your order shows as delivered but is not in your mailbox, generally it will be delivered the next day.  If it still has not shown up, please contact the USPS to further investigate.  We will not replace/refund any orders that have been marked as delivered. 

**Are your process times really 3-5 days?

Yes and no. I have it set to that for unseen circumstances that might arise. In a lot of instances, I will usually have your product in the mail 1-2 days after you order.

**What paper options do you offer?

Right now I offer three paper choices:

Standard White Matte: Removable Adhesive
Premium White Matte: Permanent Adhesive
Clear Matte: Permanent Adhesive

Both white matte papers have given the most consistency when printing and showing the colors vibrantly.

The clear and standard matte papers I use when foiling and they hold up the best when subjected to the heat.

**Do you offer exchanges or returns?

No, all sales are final.  However, if there is an issue with your order (stickers won't peel, the cuts are wonky, please email support@lcstickers.com)

Can I combine discount codes?
No. Only one code per order can be used.
If my order is messed up or I’m missing products, how long do I have to notify you for it to be fixed? 

One week.  After that time has passed, you are agreeing that your order is what it was supposed to be and there is nothing wrong with it.